ISA dan Bunga Melati

Jika tahanan ISA, hanya ditahan tanpa bicara, mempunyai kesalahan masing-masing dan tidak terlibat dengan pergelutan hidup atau mati.

Kapal Bunga Melati Dua pula, ditahan tanpa bicara, tidak mempunyai kesalahan langsung dan terlibat dengan pergelutan hidup atau mati.

Yang disibukkan oleh Pakatan Rakyat adalah hal ISA, sehingga tiada langsung berita atau catatan blog berkenaan tahanan lanun Somalia tersebut. Malahan terdapat demo anti-ISA yang dihadiri lebih 2000 orang (rujuk Malaysiakini).

Inikah Pakatan Rakyat? Hanya membela golongan sekepala dengan mereka? Bercakap mengenai freedom of speech tetapi tiba-tiba pula menggam Utusan Malaysia.

Bercakap mengenai pemansuhan ISA, tetapi percayalah, selepas RPK dan Hindraf 5 dibebaskan, senyaplah muka-muka hipokrit ini.

Ah, saya dah naik muak dengan pemimpin Pakatan.


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    JP said,

    I read this OPEN LETTER (which sure with his own agenda) in Anwar Ibrahim’ official blog .
    Tell me what do you think ?

    Who Is Baradan Kuppusamy?
    By Anwar Ibrahim

    Dear Abang Din,

    Ramadhan Karim and I hope you are well and doing fine.

    I’m an ardent reader of your blog and I leave a comment most of the times specially if the topic is “explosive” and heat generating. (I use the tagname Abdul/Abdullah in your blog). That said, you may know one Baradan Kappusamy who writes for whoever pays him or whichever paper that demands his article which is mainly an anti-Anwar articles. My Indian friends call him a “paid whore.”

    His behaviour and hatred against Anwar is very strong and he strongly supports Najib and we have reports that he has been recruited by him to run down Anwar. You can see it his the Star commentary yesterday and today’s The Malaysian-Insider (both BN leaflets) which are simply hateful concoctions full of bigotry, biased reporting and hatred.

    I have looked for his contacts and even my Indian friends failed to get them, I wanted to contact him concerning his shameful diatribe and hysterical hatred against DSAI but I can’t get his contacts. I have been told that he is a shadowy figure who is a hired assassin. Therefore, I appeal to you Abang Din to try your best to supply me with his contacts (email, or phone, or both) if you have them or can get them through other friends in the media. He sometimes writes in Malaysiakini, so may be you can get his contacts from your Malaysiakini friends and pass it to me through this email address. (I have also contacted Susan Loone just now and I hope she will answer me).

    Yesterday, I have contacted blogger MagickRiver (Antares)**, an Indian Anwar supporter and he told me that he couldn’t get the contacts of what he called a “shameful paid whore.” So, try your best if you can get me his address. Otherwise, you can contact him ask him the cause of his hatred against Anwar. He should be bombarded with outrageous comments in relation to his outrageous conduct so that he knows there is a limit. I’m really mad at this shameful character.

    Thanking you in advance
    Happy Hari Raya.

    Note from Din Merican: “Let us ban Baradan Kuppusamy from our PCs, if there is truth in this private e-mail to me. Salams.”
    So, how do you feel when Anwar (or his mate) also :
    1. Ban ! ban source of net info;
    2. Search and call and seduce other to search for his foes;
    These are going back to the zero point even worst !!!

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